Date:  Wednesday December 08, 2021 (12/08/21)

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The RRRC Executive Committee met on December 8, 2021 at Prince Michel Vineyard in Madison County, as a quorum of the full Commission was not present for the regular RRRC meeting scheduled for that date and location.

Livestream of the meeting may be available on the RRRC YouTube channel beginning at 1pm: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVg1Gl7iMDhX3i8OVAJKqEQ. Due to bandwidth and other possible technical constraints, livestream is not guaranteed.


**Denotes Commission Action Item

1.  Call to Order
2.  Pledge of Allegiance
3.  Roll Call & Quorum Determination
4.  **Approval of Agenda
5.  Public Comment
6.  Presentations & Special Recognition
7.  Approval of Minutes
      a. **October 27, 2021
8.  Financial Reports
      a. **DRAFT FY 2021 Agency Audit
      b. FY 2022 YTD Financial Report
9.  Executive Director's Report
      a. Draft 2022 Scope of Work for Chesapeake Bay Watershed program
10.  Staff Updates / Old Business
      a. PDC Housing Development Grant Program
      b. Long Range Transportation Plan
11.  New Business
      a. **RRRC 2021-2024 Title VI Plan
      b. **RRRC application to DRPT for FY 2023 Commuter Assistance Program Operating & Technical Assistance grants
      c. **RRRC application to DRPT for FY 2023 Section 5310 Mobility Management & Operating grants
      d. **2022 Regional Legislative Priorities
      e. Compensation Report
      f.  Formation of Nominating Committee
12.  Closed Session (if necessary)
13. Regional Roundtable
14.  **Adjournment

Note: An Executive Committee meeting may be convened if a quorum is not present.