Solar Energy 2018

Shedding a Light on solar workshopFriday, April 13, 2018
American Legion Post 247
Remington, VA

RRRC and Piedmont Environmental Council partnered to host a workshop focusing on solar energy development, including utility-scale solar and residential/commerical (small-scale) installations.

Presentations from the workshop are below.

An Overview of Solar in Virginia - Kaitlin Savage, Solar Research Institute

DEQ's Role in Solar and Permit by Rule - Mary Major, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Economic, Legal and Tax Implications for Local Governments - Joe Lerch, Virginia Association of Counties

Southampton County Case Study - Beth Lewis, Southampton County

Gloucester County Case Study - Anne Ducey-Ortiz, Gloucester County

Brownfields to Solar - Vince Maiden, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Promoting Renewables in the Region - Robert Lazaro, Northern Virginia Regional Commission