Land Use & Environment Committee

The Land Use & Environment Committee is an opportunity for land use administrators, planners, and environmental managers from all counties and towns throughout the 5 county region to discuss and exchange information on topical issues related to local, state, and federal regulations and programs. While information exchange is the primary objective, the Committee also reviews proposed state regulations and provides consensus based comments to state officials. This also provides an opportunity for state officials to share information with localities and to receive feedback on various land use and environmental programs.

The Land Use & Environment Committee meets quarterly.  Contact Michelle Edwards at (540) 829-7450 or for more information.

Upcoming Meetings

March18, 2021  10am  |  Electronic Access

2020 Meetings
November 19, 2020  |  10am  |  Electronic Access Only
Handout: WIP 3 Region Urban Sector BMPs
Handout: WIP 3 Region Agriculture Sector BMPs

August  20, 2020  |  10am  |  Electronic Access Only
Handout DCR Data Sharing MOU
Handout: Watershed Plan Data Inputs

May 21, 2020  | 
10am  |  Electronic Access Only
Handout:  RRRC Region Bay-related Projects

February 20, 2020 
|  10am  |  Regional Commission 
Handout:  FMPP Grant Final Report
Handout:  Farm to School Liaison Position Description
Handout:  Chesapeake Bay Grants Overview
Handout:  Upper Rappahannock Watershed Data Inputs - DRAFT
Handout:  High Definition Stream Survey Article
Handout:  Potential Mountain Run TMDL IP Area

Past meetings and materials (2019 and prior years) can be found here.