Purely Piedmont

Purely Piedmont Logo

Purely Piedmont is a brand and marketing program that promotes the food and beverages locally-grown in Virginia’s Northern Piedmont.  In early 2017, the Commission conducted a branding study to develop a local foods brand name and logo for the region.  Following stakeholder interviews, a consumer survey and public input sessions, the Region’s Food Policy Council selected “Purely Piedmont.” 

Feedback indicated that consumers strongly value knowing where their food comes from, with 75% of survey respondents stating it would make them much more likely to buy local food.  The chosen name is intended to provide that knowledge and evoke the fresh and wholesome qualities consumers associate with the region’s locally-grown food.

The Purely Piedmont logo is available to producers as a roll of labels to affix to products and packaging, and as digital files for producers to incorporate into their own labels, website and other marketing materials. By purchasing products with the Purely Piedmont logo, consumers can be confident they are truly buying local.

To register for the label program or find a listing of member farms and beverage producers, please visit the Purely Piedmont website.

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