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treesonwaterAnnouncement: The Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission will be preparing a TMDL Implementation Plan in follow-up to the original York Basin TMDL Development Plan completed in 2004. Please follow this link for more information.

Project Description
The purpose of this approximately one-year study initiative, completed in 2004 via a comprehensive schedule of water quality monitoring, bacterial source tracking analysis and watershed modeling, was to develop a series of detailed Total Maximum Daily Load assessments, or TMDLs, as required for submittal to EPA.

Regulatory Background: Overview of 2006 Calendar TMDL Process
DEQ Powerpoint presentation, dated 7/08/04 (Adobe Acrobat .pdf - 207 KB)

Rappahannock and York River Basin TMDL Development
ECI Powerpoint presentation, dated 7/08/04 (Adobe Acrobat .pdf - 941 KB)

For an overview map of the Rappahannock and York River Basin TMDLs click here: Rapp-York Overview Map (JPEG - 316 KB)

The York River Basin segments are located in Orange, Louisa and Spotsylvania Counties.

The stream segments in question were placed on the 303(d) TMDL priority list and identified by DEQ as impaired, owing to the presence of fecal coliform bacteria levels in excess of established water quality standards.

York Basin TMDLs At-a-Glance:
DEQ # Location Water Body Segment Length
VAN-F06R-01 Orange Mountain Run 2.52 mi.
VAN-F06R-02 Orange Beaver Creek 2.51 mi.
VAN-F07R-01 Orange Pamunkey Creek 12.14 mi.
VAN-F07R-02 Orange Terry's Run 5.45 mi.
VAN-F06R-03 Louisa Goldmine Creek 7.16 mi.
VAN-F07R-03 Spotsylvania Plentiful Creek 3.15 mi.

Project Coordination
Project team members and their respective roles included:

Other organizations contributing time and expertise included:

For more information regarding the Commission's Rappahannock River Basin TMDL Studies, or any of the Commission's ongoing environmental projects please contact the Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission at 540-829-7450.
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