Regional Housing Study

The Regional Commission was awarded a Community Impact Grant from the Virginia Housing Development Authority to conduct a regional housing study in late 2019. The origin of the study developed from requests from members of the Regional Commission, as well as local government and non-profit staff partners, regarding the ever-increasing importance of housing diversity, affordability and availability for citizens and workers in the region, as well as related to the need for detailed housing data for use in long-range housing policy planning for their localities and the greater region.  As proposed, the RRRC regional housing study will be comprised of two primary focus areas:

1) Local & Regional Housing Data Collection and Analysis and
2) Analysis of Policies, Strategies, and Practices for Local & Regional Implementation

Capacity within the local governments in the region for conducting housing data and policy analysis varies and the first task will provide detailed data for the region’s five counties and eight towns for use in long-range planning and policy making decisions. Likewise, the patterns of development within the Rappahannock-Rapidan region vary greatly and there is a recognition that each locality has unique opportunities that will impact potential implementation strategies and housing policies.

RRRC has contracted with Camoin 310 to conduct the study and is working with stakeholders from local governments and local/regional housing partners to provide oversight throughout the study development process.

Information regarding the study will be posted to this web page as and when available.

For additional information, please contact Patrick Mauney at (540) 829-7450.

Study Materials

*Materials posted here are in draft format and subject to change during the course of the study.

Housing Demand Analysis - August 2020
Ordinance Best Practices Review - August 2020
Baseline Data Analysis
- May 2020
Stakeholder Kickoff Meeting Presentation -- March 2020
Scope of Work

Background Documents
RRRC Housing Needs Assessment - 2018
Housing Virginia Regional Housing Summit Meeting - 2018
Fauquier County Housing Meeting Presentation - August 2018
Fauquier County Housing Report (Greater Piedmont Realtors) - 2016
Culpeper County Housing Report (Greater Piedmont Realtors) - 2015