Community Development

row of houses

For more than four decades, the Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission (RRRC) has worked to enhance the region's livability.

In our region, we value our scenic natural setting, abundant open space and farms, numerous historic resources, the Main Streets and neighborhoods of our communities, a warm and friendly atmosphere, good jobs and a balanced economy, a quality educational system, and a modest amount of growth. We value the benefits of planning and of citizens working together through their governments to guide local and regional change.

The Regional Commission maintains an important role in community development and planning by providing assistance to our town and counties in the development of village plans and other community design issues. This is accomplished by providing local assistance in comprehensive plans, providing training and workshops, and planning and hosting community forums and workshops.

The Commission also plays lead role in supporting housing and homeless response organizations, transportation and mobility providers, and economic development initiatives.

By working with the citizens of our region, the Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission has provided a valuable service in planning for the future and working to safeguard the tremendous value of our region.